1927 Moon, Diana 8

Between 1925 and 1928 the Diana Motor Car Company of Saint-Louis was a wholly owned subsidiary of thr Moon Motor Company, also from St.-Louis.This Diana 8 from 1927 has a continental straight 8 engine with 72 hp and 3 speed manual transmission. This sedan is the only one in europe and is fully restored a few years ago. It has a minerva look alike radiator with the goddess diana on it. The car made its debut in 1925 and disappeared in the beginning of 1928. It has hydrilic four wheel brakes, a lanchester vibration dampener as well as a 3 speed manual gearbox. For the one who looks for a different car. This automobile also has wooden artillerie wheels and front light lenses who look like diamonds. Only a handfull remain today and the only other full restored one we know is in the Nethercutt collection.                                                                                                               **for info call belgium monday through friday from 8am till 7pm at +32 495.216612**


General Information
Make: Moon
Model: Diana 8
Price: Price on request
Condition: cond 1 Exceptional
Year: 1927

Contact Information
Name: RVO NV
Country: Belgium
State or Region: HOLSBEEK
Postal code: 3220
Languages: Dutch, English, French, German
Tel: +32 495 216 612
Website: www.rvoclassiccars.be