1907 Ford, Model R

Henry Ford's vision was a simple automobile produced in large quantities with interchangeable parts that sold for $500. A big step in realizingthis vision came in 1906 when he introduced the model R. It had a 149 cubic inch,15 horsepower inline 4 cylinder engine, 2 speed planetary transmission, shaft drive and transverse leaf spring suspension and 84 inch wheelbase. These design features led directly to the model T in 1909. Ford took the advantage of the model N success by introducing a better equipped version called the "R". Mechanically the same a the N, it had full running boards, a mechanical engine oiling system and 3 inch tires. Ford raised the price to $600/750 taking full advantage of the markets strong demand. It was a great success as the 2500 model R's built for 1907 were sold out by September of that year. This car is finished in an attractive brewster green color combination with black fenders and yellow spoke wheels. It also has a black button tufted leather interior with a black leather top. Typical for that period are the gleaming brass lamps and steering column.Restored in the 1990's, it is still in excellent condition. This car is an important milestone and a prized possession in any collectionas well as an enjoyable car for tours and events. For more detail call Belgium at +32 495.216612 monday through friday from 8a.m. till 7p.m. Belgian time.Thank you.

General Information
Make: Ford
Model: Model R
Price: Price on request
Condition: cond 2 Excellent
Year: 1907

Contact Information
Name: RVO NV
Country: Belgium
State or Region: HOLSBEEK
Postal code: 3220
Languages: Dutch, English, French, German
Tel: +32 495 216 612
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